Our Mission
To Produce a made in the USA products utilizing, a
natural product (100% lambs wool fleece) that is both,
beautiful and beneficial to the animal.

Company Profile 
 I would like to give you a brief background of my
self, my company and my interest in the dog fancy.
 I fell in love with the Miniature Pincher breed and
bought my first female in 1979; breed my first litter
in 1980; started showing at dog shows in 1981,
finished my first Champion 1982, and have finish 103
champions owner-handle, from my "WHITEHOUSE"
Kennel to date.

 In 1984 we owned a sheepskin tannery and
I started using the sheepskin in my kennel.
One thing lead to another and I started
marketing my items at the dog shows and in
response to requests did cat shows too.
We have continually added to the line and
our business has grown and flourished.
We are advertised in Dog World and Dog Fancy
Magazines and several breeder even have us on
their internet side recommending our bedding
for their breeds.

 Our designer line utilizes beautiful designer
Fabrics on one side and 100% lambs wool fleece
on the reverse side.
The pads are like a "baby diaper" in so far as
liquid will go through the fleece side into the bottom
and the surface stays dry.
Wonderful for the convalescing, new born, aged,
traveling and just loved pets.

Judith A. White

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